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New to Hope City Church?

If you’re new to Hope City, our hope is that today would lead you closer to connecting with us, with others at Hope City, and especially with Jesus. If you’re in-person, you can meet one of our team members in our Guest Lounge after the service- we would love to connect with you. If you’re online, you can go to hopecity.ca/new and you too have the opportunity to connect with one of our team members there!

Serving Opportunities

There are so many opportunities to be part of a team and serve at Hope City. From the time you drive into our parking lot to driving out, you encounter literally hundreds of front line and background team members who are passionate about you – from lobby hosts to camera and sound, to leaders and teams caring and serving your kids, to our band members! Hope City runs on people choosing to serve Jesus. And then there’s all the ways to get involved, apart from Sunday mornings! If you want to make new friends and be a part of what God is doing in people’s lives, you’ve got to be part of one of our serve teams; there is an opportunity waiting for you!

Freedom Session

At Hope City, we often say, “We can’t stay here,” and ask questions like, “What is God’s next for you?” We say this because we believe that God is never done working in and through you. But the reality is that some of you feel like you’ve got “gum stuck to the bottom of your spiritual boots” and it’s been hard moving forward. You feel stuck – whether that’s due to trauma, addiction, wounds or shame. We know God has a next for you – and sometimes your next means to stop walking in circles. We want to help you get unstuck with a healing discipleship course called Freedom Session. A free life is God’s design for you, so don’t settle for less. Maybe Freedom Session is what God has next for you!


Great things happen in and through our church and you can be a part of them through your financial contributions. Our primary source of financial support (over 90%) is individual donations. We call these tithes and offerings. As a Canadian Registered Charity, we are able to issue charitable tax receipts for all eligible donations.

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