Auto Response

January 2022

Most of our responses in life are automatic. They have been learned over time. Some are good but some must change. This series targets some of the ones we all deal with and how we can learn a new response. Anything automatic is first learnt, then practiced, then owned.

Christmas Playlist

December 2021

Each of our lives has a song. Our lives, all worship someone or something. This four-week series walks through four different songs throughout scripture and the birth story of Jesus and exposes the truth revealed behind each song. So, what is your life song?

True North

Fall 2021

Life is confusing. Especially now. How do we find our way? How do you think about complicated issues? How do we process the problems of our world and our lives? Where do we go for answers to life’s deepest questions? How do we know what is true?

In Jesus, we find all these answers. He is our True North.

In this series, we are looking at the sayings of Jesus that we can build our lives upon.


September 2021

We have all gone through an incredible year of stress, change, and restrictions. The shutdowns impacted our economy and relationships, but for many, it felt like it shutdown our spiritual lives. In this series, we look at ways to reboot key areas of our lives that will help us get up and running again in our faith.

Written in Stone

July-August 2021

The Ten Commandments are old, but they are not out-of-date. They give us a concrete way to do two things: To love God and to love others. Jesus, when asked what the most important commandment is, he replied “Love God, and love others.” The Ten Commandments give us clarity on how to do just that. The first four commandments show us how to love God, the last six commandments show us how to love others.

The Ten Commandments allow us to flourish, live free, and avoid unnecessary pain.


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