Before I Go

Easter, Faith, Holy Spirit, Service

In this series, we walk through John chapters 13 and 14, which is known as the “Upper Room Discourse” or “Jesus’ Farewell Discourse”. This five-hour conversation between Jesus and His disciples gave shape to what...

This is Us

Adultery, Marriage, Relationships

Relationships are deeply important to us. They are also really complicated. In this series, we look at how God’s pattern for marriage leads to joy and fulfillment between husband and wife.

Home Renos

Discipline, Faith, Habits, Prayer

In this series, we walk through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah to understand the internal renovations that God wants to do in our hearts.

Christmas Eve 2023


Experience Hope City’s Christmas Eve experience.

The Gift


Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about one gift – Jesus. This series looks at the various wonders surrounding the gift of Jesus and how people connected to the Christmas story responded.

Keeping Score

Money, Forgiveness

In this series, we will be challenged to stop keeping a tally of who owes us, what we think God owes us and what we deserve. Instead, we will be invited to lose count; to...

I Get It

Church, Habits, Purpose

Life is hard. Sometimes it can feel like no one gets us or knows what we are going through. Throughout this series, we will look at different people in the Book of Acts and how...

The Struggle Is Real

Boundaries, Discipline, Habits, Sabbath

Do you ever feel like life is a little out of control? Do you ever feel like you’re being consumed by things you know aren’t helpful? There are struggles that we all deal with. In...

Hope When I’ve Failed

Sin, Jesus, Truth, Hope

As humans, we experience failure, but what happens when God intersects our lives? Things change. Hope is restored. We discover that there is always hope when we fail.

Downside Up


The Beatitudes feel as if it turns everything upside down. But the more you read them, the more you discover that it turns everything ride-side up.

Joy Unlocked

Holy Spirit, Joy

In this series, we walk through the New Testament book called Philippians. The thing people want most in life, the thing we are all chasing, is happiness. But happiness is contingent on your current situation....

The Road to the Cross

Easter, Good Friday

This series is an in-depth look at the significant events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection as recorded in the New Testament book of Matthew.

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