Rachael’s Story

I grew up in a Christian home and had never really known a life outside of one in Christ. I’ve come to Hope City for 10 years now and have grown from being just a kid in the kids ministry, learning bible stories and the meaning of what God’s love is, to now serving as a leader and being a part of youth every Friday. But through all my years of learning what being a Christian meant, what really drew me to the desire of spending everyday living a life through Christ is the people.

I’ve met many people, heard many different life stories. And with everyone I heard that was told by someone who did not follow the path of God, I began to realize more and more just how much I really wanted this life I grew up in. Because, yes they did see happy times, and yes they did believe that they were freer in the life they chose to live. But I knew that whatever they did, whatever they saw or imagined or heard, nothing compared to what God could have in store for them. And yes, I have been hurt, I’ve been heartbroken and left behind before, just as they have, but the difference is through all of my pain God was there. God saw me and was with me. Through every dark moment in my life I knew that no matter what happened, no matter how much I suffered, no matter how angry or how much of a disappointment I was, I would always have him.

He would always love me. He loves me so much that he gave his life to save mine, he died on  a cross so that I would not have to be ashamed and I would not have to suffer through eternity in the terrible place a sinful person like me deserves, but instead I would be able to live out my eternity right beside him in an unimaginably beautiful place of his divine creation, where I would know no more pain.

Everything this insignificant world may have to offer does not even begin to compare with what he has planned for me. He has already given me an amazing life here on earth filled with beautiful people, and I trust him and his plan for me completely. So yes, a Christian life was the one I was raised in, but it is also the one that I will choose to spend everyday for the rest of my life living. My life is yours and I want to serve and follow you always. So be the light on my path, show me your way and I promise that I will always stick by you, trust you and defend you for as long as I live.

– Rachael