Janaye’s Story

I’m in 8th grade. This year was hard. I had my faith through everything, but it was pushed hard during quarantine.

Being stuck in the house all the time, away from school/friends, having to wear a stuffy and sanitizing every single time you touch something. Then we had to do online school for 4 months of 2020. Summer was a pretty big bummer. I rarely saw my friends and even when I did, we couldn’t really do much. I still try to make the most of it. I was starting to lose hope.

After three whole quarters of being online, I was excited to finally go back to class. I had missed being in class. All I needed was faith, which I had, but now it was being put into action.

God has changed things for me and for the better. God always knows the right time and he will bring clarity to you.

– Janaye