Hannae’s Story

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home by my parents and they regularly taught me Christian values. I knew Christ because I attended the Sunday services with my parents. At the age of 12, during one service, a pastor asked us to pray with him the prayer of salvation. I followed the prayer, I found it special, and instantly feel my connection with God.

Something happened when I turned 14 and I never thought I was rejecting God, but I started going down a bad road. I started doing stuff that rebelled against HIM. I felt lost and rejected. I would blame others for my frustrations and insecurities. I learned to lie to cover up my wrong doings. It was a mess! Then, I realized I really need help! God reminded me; HE is always there for me because HE loves me.

God’s love never gives up on me. I decided to turn stuff around and start over again and do right this time because I know HE is there for me. I accepted Jesus Christ once again as my personal Lord and Saviour, asked forgiveness and totally surrender my life to HIM. I am certain that nothing separates me from HIS love. I will live because HE died for me. I am chosen, not forsaken.

My life has changed since then. I have a growing desire to continue my faith and relationship with God and serve HIM in the most wonderful way.

– Hannae