Elisa’s Story

Hallo freunde, I’m a grade 8 student. I love singing and reading at my leisure. This year God has taught me that the simple things matter. Through Covid isolation and being away from loved ones, I’ve learned that little things matter. Going for a walk with your family or even watching a movie – it all matters.

Every second is valuable.

As life goes on you will realize that the simple things matter the most. It took me a while to realize that. When I went through self isolation for 17 days I learned so many things about myself and the world around me. Life passes by so fast without warning, and you have to cherish the simple things it offers. There’s a high chance that you will have many regrets if you don’t enjoy all the little things in life. I thank God for finally showing me that.

Overall, these teen years in our life are the most important years. We have to hold onto the memories and the things we think might not matter, because they do.

God bless.