Albert’s Story

By faith in Christ’s gracious sacrificial gift of atonement, secured for me on the cross, I have absolute confidence of my salvation, which gives me the desire to be a disciple for Him, daily. My journey as a Christian and my walk with the Lord has consisted of a wide variety of events, that have been built on a solid foundation, passed on to me by my family, church and school. On close reflection, these events have absolutely been orchestrated by God for the complete fulfillment of His good and perfect plan for my life. It has only positively enhanced my profound and personal relationship with God – as well as my many fellow brothers in Christ – through my obedience to Him and my deep desire to seek out opportunities that undoubtedly demonstrate His love for me and ultimately shifts the spotlight of our unceasing praise, honour and glory, focusing our total attention on Him, for ALL to see and believe.

– Albert