Brian’s story

A way I can see how God was working in my life during COVID is that I feel closer to him now more than I did before, because when covid started everyone struggled. Whether it was not getting to see people or not being able to go out. Whatever it was, we were all struggling. When we are struggling, we need God the most. Through that time it was hard and boring for me.

I needed God’s comfort. So that is why I feel like I have a better relationship with him now, because God uses our struggles to bring us closer to him.

A reason why I going to youth is that I feel closer and more connected to God during youth because there are a lot of things that are going in our life that can sometimes distract us from God. It’s a way for God to speak to us because it is a time when we are quiet and we’re not thinking about what is going on in our lives. So, youth to me is just a time to forget about whatever is going on in our lives and to just reflect, praise, and listen to God.

– Brian