Written in Stone

The Ten Commandments are old, but they are not out-of-date. They give us a concrete way to do two things: To love God and to love others. Jesus, when asked what the most important commandment is, he replied “Love God, and love others.” The Ten Commandments give us clarity on how to do just that. The first four commandments show us how to love God, the last six commandments show us how to love others.

The Ten Commandments allow us to flourish, live free, and avoid unnecessary pain.

Messages in this Series

Phil Kniesel

August 29, 2021

Ken McIntyre

August 22, 2021

Paul Drader

August 15, 2021

Ken McIntyre

August 8, 2021

Ruben Valeny

August 1, 2021

Matt Baker

July 25, 2021

Phil Kniesel

July 18, 2021

Phil Kniesel

July 11, 2021

Tomas Belchior

July 4, 2021

Phil Kniesel

June 27, 2021