Our church sends a variety of construction, ministry, humanitarian and familiarization teams to work with our partners. Over the years we have build buildings, installed sound systems, provided health and dental services, cared for orphans and led programs for children, youth and adult. If you’re interested in being part of a short term team, fill in the interest form.


Philippines Ministry & Relief Team – February/March 2020. Team Lead: Paul/Judith Roque. This team will be travelling to the Philippines to provide humanitarian help and Christian ministry to areas in need. Contact Paul Roque at prroque139@yahoo.com.

Dominican Republic Construction Team – Winter 2020/21 – Team Lead: David Cornock. The team will be working on the construction of a ministry training centre. Contact David Cornock (david.c@hopecity.ca)

Guatemala February 2021 Dental Team – Team Lead: Ryan Assaly and work with the CCP schools and WCVTC. Contact Lyella Lifeso (lyella76@shaw.ca).

Brazil November 2020 or February/March 2021 Work Team – Team Lead: Bob Rattai. The team will be working on A Roche multipurpose facility in Tres de Mao, Brazil. Contact lyella76@shaw.ca

Rwanda January-February 2021 Build Team – Team will work on the construction of the Intango Vocational Traning Centre. Contact Darrell Muth (darrell.m@hopecity.ca)