As a church, our goal is to be irrationally generous. On this page, you’ll find projects that we are currently involved in that we believe can and will make a major impact on the people and communities they serve. If you have any questions, email Graham Greenwood.


The vocational skills training that Build Rwanda is aiming to provide is an essential part of the Government strategy to empower and develop the youth of Rwanda. 28% of Rwandese are between the ages of 16-30. Most do not have the opportunity to acquire a recognised skill. 45% of the workforce is involved in trades. The Government’s goal is to increase the number to 60%. Christian Life Assembly has a Memorandum of Understanding with the ministry to collaborate and achieve this through the Intango project. Here are some highlights of the work so far.

Financial Update: Phase 1 cost is $458,000.00. We are near completion with the balance required to complete of $ 114,000.00.

Sea Container:January of 2019, a 40-foot electrical container with an estimated wholesale value of $135,000 which included a 135 KVA generator, wire, LED fixtures and panels for phases 1, 2, and 3 of the Intango Project departed from Edmonton. The container is scheduled to arrive by the end of March 2019. An electrical wholesaler supplied the materials at less than half the wholesale cost. It’s remarkable to see new partners from the business community recognize and commit to the Intango Project.

Electrical Short-Term Mission Team: April 23 of 2019, the first Intango Project electrical team will head to Rwanda! They will work on the electrical for Phase 1. There is a large knowledge gap in Rwanda when it comes to electrical systems. We are grateful for the 4 technicians giving their time and resources to join us in Rwanda. We would like to thank the Electrical Contractor who sponsored 1 of their electricians to join the April team. Many individuals and businesses have contributed in making this electrical team a reality. This includes, drafting wiring plans, securing and tracking product, and financial support. Thank you to our large community of support.

January/February 2020: A Build Rwanda team heads to Rwanda! There is room for Electricians, Heavy Equipment Mechanics and finishing Carpenters. If you want to be part of this team, let us know! It’s an incredible opportunity to make a big difference, meet the remarkable Rwandese leadership team, and enjoy beautiful Rwanda.

January 2020 Vision Tour: During the second half of January we launch the first ever Build Rwanda Vision Tour, where our Canadian friends will be introduced to Christian Life Assembly, Intango Skills Training Center and to experience one of Africa’s finest gems. It will be 10 days you will never forget, where you will enjoy an African Safari and visit the mystical Virunga mountains and rainforest.


Your generous support for the Intango Project makes this possible. Thank you for investing in the youth of Rwanda.



Our goal as a church is to be generous.  To use what God has given us and to sow back into the great ministries we value and believe in.  The Hope Fund is a way where we go over and above our regular support for some great initiatives and partner in a stronger way with our global workers.  Extravagant goals require extravagant faith and next level generosity.  Thank you for going over and above your regular giving/tithing and being a part in making a difference in something eternal.  Below is a list of things we are praying and believing we can do. For more info, contact Graham Greenwood (graham.g@hopecity.ca).


Project Cost: $4,000

Shiloh Youth Ranch provides summer camp experiences for at-risk children and youth and year-round programming in the Edmonton area. They are currently expanding their camp facilities and are wanting to establish an archery course. Hope City Church is committing $4,000 for the course and equipment.

Visit their website.


Project Cost: $110,000

Christian Life Ministries was started as a church in Bujumbura, Burundi by Elmer and Sherry Komant and has grown to include a second site in Gitega. They are planting a third site in Bujumbura and we want to help them launch strong through a commitment of $30,000 towards the needed sound system.

Visit their website.


Project Cost: $110,000

Adeara is passionate about helping vulnerable women who are struggling with addiction and other mental health concerns, providing hope, healing and restoration for them and their children.

Adeara’s current facility is urgent need of a new roof, at a cost of approximately $110,000. Hope City Church is committing to covering the cost of the new roof.

Visit their website. Download an information brochure.


Project Cost: $100,000

Home of the Good Shepherd is building a multi-use building to serve as a church as well as provide recreational and meeting space throughout the week.  The total project cost is approximately $900,000 and they are still looking to raise another $460,000.  Hope City Church is committing $100,000 towards the project.

Visit their website.


Project Cost: $9,000

Each year our youth prepare and distribute hampers with food and gifts to local families in need. Hope City Church is committing $9,000 to purchase up to 100 hampers this Christmas season.