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Power Up Retreat for Grades 5 & 6: Registration is now open!

Power Up is our one-night retreat for grade 5 & 6 students. Leaving from the Mill Woods Campus, we head out by bus to Sunset Point Camp.

At the retreat we will spend time building relationships with God and others through engaging services, awesome activities and delicious food.


We leave for the retreat Friday, May 31 and are back by the evening of Saturday, June 1. The cost is $55.


This is a once-a-year retreat that your student will not want to miss! Register now!





Can’t Make It to Hope City on Sunday? Don’t worry, we have you covered (and your kids too!).

We have video lesson for our elementary kids on studio252.tv

They can keep up with what we are learning in The Lab even if they miss a Sunday. It can also be used as a resource to go deeper on what they learned in The Lab. It is full of engaging videos and fun ideas to help your family have an awesome week.


We also have all the messages from the main service on hopecity.ca. You can check them out HERE.





Salvation: Here is a practical guide for parents to have conversations about salvation with their kids.


This is an exciting time in a kid’s life. They’re starting to ask questions about their faith. They’re wondering about God and His love for them. They may be asking a lot of questions about Jesus—questions that
you may struggle with yourself, or questions that may not have a simple answer. But that’s okay. This is a starting point for your kid to begin a life-long conversation about faith. That’s why we want you to “Start Here” with John 3:16. It lays the foundation for God’s love for us that sent Jesus to be our Savior.

“For God so LOVED the world that he GAVE his one and only Son. Anyone who BELIEVES in him will not die but will have eternal life” (John 3:16 NIrV).



  • God loved you before you were even born. He created you in His image. And He loves you right now.

  • But there is something that separates us from Him, something that keeps us from being with Him forever. It’s called sin. It’s the stuff we do wrong. Sin keeps us from living out the story that God wants for us.

  • And on our own, we can’t do any- thing about this. We need God to step in and help. But because God loved us, He made a way for all of us to live with Him forever.

    ASK . . .

    What is sin?
    Have you ever sinned? When? What is the problem with sin?


  • God gave the most important, valuable, and perfect thing He
    had for you. He knew that our sin would keep us from living with Him forever.
  • We’re apart from God and would stay that way, but because God loved us, He gave His son to fix that relationship. Jesus came to make a way for you to be in God’s story.
  • And Jesus gave up His life on the cross to pay for our sin. Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead! His resurrection defeated death and makes a relationship with God possible again.

ASK . . .

What did God give us? Why did God give this gift? What did Jesus do for us?


  • When you receive a gift what do you do? You open it. God said you could open His gift by believing.
  • Believing simply means to trust. It’s a lot like sitting in a chair. When you sit in a chair, you put all your weight in it. You trust that it will hold you up. That’s what it’s like to believe in or to trust in this gift.
  • To open the gift that God gave you, you trust Jesus with your whole life and rest in the fact that He died and rose again for you.

ASK . . .

How can you take part in God’s Big Story?
What does it mean to trust in something?

How do you know God loves you?



For kids, the phrase “inviting Jesus into my heart” can be confusing. They’re such concrete thinkers that it can worry them to think that someone is living inside their actual heart.


Kids are going to express their faith with how they understand it at their age. Don’t get hung up on the “right words” but rather the heart with which they pray.


Don’t make up answers to questions you don’t know yourself. “I don’t know” is a legitimate answer to questions your kid has about faith. There’s so much that we don’t understand about how God works and how the Holy Spirit enters our life. And that’s okay.


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Mid-Week Programs: What are the final dates for this year?

March 12 & 19

April 2 & 16

April 23 – Year End Bowling Party

April 30 – Agape Dinner


March 7 & 21

April 4 – Year End at Launch Pad Trampoline Park


March 14

April 4 – Year End at Launch Pad Trampoline Park


March 7 &21

April 4

April 11 – Graduation





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