Skill Labz is a 4-week skill-based masterclass for kids in Grades 1-6. Come ready to have fun making great friends while learning something new!

Throughout the year, we offer different activities using an educational approach called STEAM: which incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Each activity is fun, engaging, and built on discipleship. There are weekly devotionals that go along with the activity where we discover the talents and skills that God has given us and how we can use them for Him.

We are excited for you to join us at our Mill Woods or Kingsway campus as we experience God in a new and fun way!


 Session 6 dates:

  • Tuesday Evening, 6:30-7:30pm at our Kingsway Campus – March 22, 29, April, 5, 12.
  • Wednesday Evening, 6:30-7:45pm at our Mill Woods Campus- March 23, 30, April 6, 13.


UpComing: Session 6 Options


Join this group for a slimy fun time! Here your child will do all things slime. Each week your child will do a different slime-based activity. 

Cost: $25  Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


For all the future Michael Jordan’s and Kobe Bryant’s this is the skill lab for you. Your child will work on and learn basketball skills, as well as have the opportunity to compete in games.

Cost: $10  Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


Come and learn some woodworking and construction skills. You child will get to work on a couple of projects that they get to take home with them. This is a great option for kids who love to build! 

Cost: $20 Location:  Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


If your child loves to dance or has a knack for performing, then this is the skill lab for them! Your child will work each week to learn dance skills and put together a choreographed performance at the end of the four weeks 

Cost: $10.  Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


GLITTER! If your child loves everything glitter, this is the skill lab for them. Glitter Crafts will involve fun and creative crafts like glitter dot painting and glitter slime making. The final results are sure to shine!  

Cost: $15 Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


This Lab, your child will learn a song each day and will be able to bring their (rented) Ukulele home to practice all week what they have learned.  This will surely be a fun and exciting lab for all who join. No previous experience is required.  Price includes Ukulele rental.

Cost: $20  Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


If your child would like a chill evening of bracelet making, sign them up for this Skill Lab. Across the four weeks, your child will learn to make different types of bracelets, such as woven friendship bracelets and beaded bracelets.

Cost: $15  Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)



This is your child’s opportunity to get some experience in the kitchen and learn some cooking skills. Each week you child will either bake or cook something that they get to take home. They might even learn some skills that will make them useful in you kitchen at home. 

Cost: $20  Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


This Lab will be held at our Kingsway (KW) Campus only and will be on Tuesday nights from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Winter is almost over and spring is coming. To celebrate the change in the seasons your child can come to our Kingsway Campus and make some spring themed crafts! 

Cost: $10  Location: Kingsway Campus (Tuesday Evenings)


This Lab is a “Little Labz.”  It is for our Preschool aged kids (ages 4 – K). This is your child’s opportunity to come and make their very own stuffed animal! Each week they will work on another part of their bear until they get to take home a bear of their very own creation on the last week.

Cost: $20 Location: Mill Woods Campus (Wednesday Evenings)


How much does registration cost?

The cost of registration can range from $0 to $50, depending on the lab and supplies needed. The cost of each lab is listed on the registration form.

What does the registration fee cover?

The fee covers some of the costs of your child’s supplies needed for their skill lab.

If you would like financial assistance for the registration fee, please contact

We received a confirmation of registration, how will we receive the supplies?

For online Skill Labs, the kits will be ready for pick up on the Sunday before the Skill Labz session begins or come during office hours during the week. For in-person Skill Labz, supplies will be provided each week.

What supplies do we need for online Skill Labz?

Most supplies will be in the kit but sometimes you may need to provide water, cups, paper towels, bowls, etc. We do our best to let you know what you will need for each night.

Do I need to have a Zoom account for online Skill Labz?

Yes, we highly recommend that you create a free Zoom account. Just make sure that the name on the screen is the registered child’s name so that they get added to the right group.

I have multiple children registered for multiple online Skill Labz, do I need to have a device for each child?

Yes. For a group that has multiple children in multiple Skill Labz, they should have separate devices that have a webcam and microphone.

If you have multiple children but they are in the same Skill Labz, then they can share a device, however, individual devices work best.

How could I be a leader in Skill Labz? And could I lead a 4-week Skill Labz on something I am passionate about?

Yes! We are currently looking for leaders who are passionate about a particular hobby or profession and would love to teach the next generation about that.
We are also looking for volunteers who would love to be “Zoom Chat Hosts” and/or lead a short devotional each night.
If you want to get involved email and we will be in contact with you!


Do you have any questions about the kids ministry at Hope City? We’d love to be able to help you any way we can!


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