Our goal as a church is to be generous. To use what God has given us and to sow back into the great ministries we value and believe in. The Hope Fund is a way where we go over and above our regular support for some great initiatives and partner in a stronger way with our global workers.


Philippines Livelihood and Livestock Project

Project Cost: $15,000

A couple from our church, Paul and Judith Roque, have for 10 years been establishing livelihood and livestock projects in the Philippines. They have a proven track record of partnering with local churches to establish self-sustaining economic communities centered around the church.

Hope City Church is committing to help them by providing the funds to purchase 80 pigs ($10,000) and a range of chickens and nesting boxes ($5,000) that will support 60 families on three different islands, all connected and accountable to a local church partner.

North Africa Missions Training

Project Cost: $375,000

Hope City is Committing $25,000 per year until 2025
North Africa is home to more than 400 unreached people groups with an overwhelming Islamic culture. There are small but growing church movements, primarily small house churches, that are operating within both formal legal and informal cultural restriction on the practice of the Christian faith, We are partnering with our denominational global workers in launching a missions department in North Africa to train and equip national believers to go into unreached areas of their own county as well as neighboring countries. Citizens of the region share a widely understood language, Egyptian Arabic, and do not face the same access barriers into countries and communities that Canadian missionaries do. While passionate, the economic situation in the region with an average family earning $250 per month means it is very difficult for the national church to support the training and equipping required. We are partnering with the agency for $25,000 per year for the next three years.


Water Filters for Domari Communities

Project Cost: $20,000

The Domari are one of the least reached people groups in the world. Located predominantly in the Middle East, they are not officially recognized by governments and are institutionally and socially ignored. They live in closed communities in conditions that are often poor, with little or no access to health care, education or housing.

One of our global workers is actively working to practically share God’s love with this isolated people group by bringing water filtration units to their communities. We want to partner with them and provide the $20,000 necessary to supply the units.


Project Cost: $50,000 (50% complete)

Partnering with ERDO, providing financial support to existing church workers in Afghanistan and the surrounding countries to provide practical assistance to refugees and support Pastors working in country. 


Land Purchase for Father’s House Church in Chiquinquira, ColOmbia. Total Cost: $300,000, Hope City is committing $25,000

Father’s House church is a church of 300 that is desperately in love with Jesus & Kingdom growth, and has partnered with our global worker, Darren McCrea, in Colombia for multiple seminars, youth events, events in schools and parks and other programs to strengthen the church and reach the community.

A key limitation is their lack of a permanent home. Like most Colombian churches, FHC and its Christian School are in a rented facilities. During Covid, that meant the closure of the school and almost the same for the church. The cost of purchasing land in an urban setting for their church is approximately $300,000 and is a struggle for a church whose average member only makes $350 a month.

International Christian Church (Vanuatu)

Project Cost: $280,000 (Hope City is GAVE $50,000)

We partnered with a PAOC global worker, David Wood, on the construction of a new church building that was needed because they outgrew their current rental facility. We contributed $50,000 of the total $280,000 cost. 

North Africa

New Vehicle for Global Worker in Restricted Access Area

Total Cost: $52,000, Hope City is committing $25,000

One of our global workers in the region have been in the area so long (over 20 years), they have worn out their current vehicle. Cars in the region are very expensive as they are subject to over 100% import duty along with sales taxes and fees that add even more to the cost. A decent roadworthy vehicle will cost them approximately $52,000.

Ministry Development Centre (Dominican Republic)

Project Cost: $66,000 

Every Day Ministries is constructing a Ministry Development Centre in the Dominican Republic to be a place where local pastors, church leaders, seminary groups, short term teams and others can come to experience the presence of God, be trained and be refreshed.

This facility will be used for biblical training, conferences, seminars and retreats for evangelical denominations across the island of Hispaniola.

Visit their website.

Dignity Connect (Middle East)

Project Cost: $12,000

In early 2021 we partnered with For Her Dignity to provide dignity kits to girls and women in various setting in North Africa and the Middle East.

Church and Bible College Furnishings (Tanzania)

Project Cost: $3,500

In December, 2020 we partnered with the Tanzania Assemblies of God to cover the cost of shipping a container to Tanzania with computers, furniture and supplies to equip local churches and eight Bible colleges. The cost to ship the container is $10,000 and we are committed $3,500.

Home of the Good Shepherd (brazil)

Project Cost: $100,000

Home of the Good Shepherd is building a multi-use building to serve as a church as well as provide recreational and meeting space throughout the week.  The total project cost is approximately $900,000 and they are still looking to raise another $460,000.  Hope City Church is committing $100,000 towards the project.

Visit their website.

Shiloh Youth Rance (Edmonton Area)

Project Cost: $4,000

Shiloh Youth Ranch provides summer camp experiences for at-risk children and youth and year-round programming in the Edmonton area. They are currently expanding their camp facilities and are wanting to establish an archery course. Hope City Church is committing $4,000 for the course and equipment.

Visit their website.

Christian Life Ministries (Burundi)

Project Cost: $30,000

Christian Life Ministries was started as a church in Bujumbura, Burundi by Elmer and Sherry Komant and has grown to include a second site in Gitega. They are planting a third site in Bujumbura and we want to help them launch strong through a commitment of $30,000 towards the needed sound system.

Visit their website.

Adeara Recovery Centre

Project Cost: $110,000

Adeara is passionate about helping vulnerable women who are struggling with addiction and other mental health concerns, providing hope, healing and restoration for them and their children.

Adeara’s current facility is urgent need of a new roof, at a cost of approximately $110,000. Hope City Church is committing to covering the cost of the new roof.

Visit their website. Download an information brochure.