Written by Hope City Church
August 28, 2020

Do you ever wonder what it looks like to take what you’ve heard in the past series and live it out in a practical sense in our lives? Do you ever wonder how others are being impacted by the messages each week and if God is speaking and moving in the lives of others? And if He is… HOW is He?

Well, we have introduced a BRAND NEW PODCAST SERIES called “The Recap”, allowing us reflect on our past series and celebrate what God is doing in our city and through Hope City Church!

Summer has JUST wrapped up along with the remarkable eight-part series, Weeds, exposing the things in our life that hold us back! There have been so many incredible things happen in our midst as a church and in our city, PLUS, we have explored eight different topics that forced us to look beyond the surface in our lives. We wanted to create a space for us to process this together – a space that brings insight into what others experience as they process through these series and what God is doing in our community.

Share and listen to The Recap here.

If you want to get caught up on the series of Weeds and the topics below, you can do so here

WEEDS: Exposing the things that hold us back.

  • Wealth
  • Loss
  • Lonliness
  • Image
  • Apathy
  • Worry
  • Comfort
  • Addiction