Written by Tomas Belchior
January 31, 2021

You know, to be fair, there are some things that are ok procrastinating on; things that won’t change the course of your life in a major way. 


But, we all know – despite all of us doing it – there are some things that we really shouldn’t procrastinate. Especially when it comes to our spiritual lives. More specifically when we know God is calling us to a next. 


“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.” James 1:22 


For everyone watching: God has called you and I to something more this year; God has a next for you. Some of you have come into this year with a vision and faith for what God is building you into and for you. Some of us have started doing something with it – building new practices into our spiritual lives, reaching out for help, engaging God and church – but some of us, well…for whatever reason, we’re doing nothing with what God is calling us to.  


We’ve been procrastinating.  


Here’s the problem though: you and I can’t expect any growth in our spiritual life if we don’t do something. The truth is that God is willing, we have the opportunity, we just happen to be our own worst enemy here.  


“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” Ecclesiastes 11:4 


There’s hope though – even for procrastinators like me. See, as you read the bible, you begin to notice a trend: God seems to call people to overwhelming, larger than life promises but, as people responded in actionable faith, God was always faithful to fulfill his promise.  


Genesis 6:11-7:1 


“So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him (22).”  


Between this verse and 7:1 was about 120 years. Yes, you heard that right: it took him 120 years to build that seemingly impossible ark. It tells us how God accomplished something so overwhelmingly large in our own lives: one piece at a time.  


That’s why, for us procrastinators, the bible is filled with stories that remind us that whatever God is building into or out of your life this year, we’re going to see it happen one piece at a time.  


Why does this matter? Because you know what’s not overwhelming? Building something one piece at a time.  


Now, maybe you’re here and you’re not at the starting line – you’re actually stuck in the middle. You got busy, you got discouraged, it seems to be taking too long to see any fruit or maybe you just walked away from what God wanted to do in your life. You’re in the company of many faith giants: 

  • Noah faced an entire community who misunderstood him and mocked him
  • Abraham faced doubt and made a few notable mistakes
  • David faced loneliness, grave sin, and incredible loss
  • Even Jesus was betrayed 


He’s not concerned with the former things; he is doing something new in you and it will feel and look different. It has to. Keep building, one piece at a time.  


Wanna know how to have the worst year ever? Procrastinate. And I promise, you’ll be the same person next year you are today. It’s no different in our spiritual life.  


Let me remind you of the great questions we’ve been challenged with this past month that will help you inform your next step: 


  1. What needs to change for you to change?
  2. When it comes to your spiritual life, what story do you want to tell? What story do you want told?
  3. Who in your life, who doesn’t know Jesus, needs you to be present, to be personal, and to point them to Jesus? 
  4. What is one decision you can make today that will bring you one step closer towards godliness?


What does the first piece look like for you?