Written by Phil Kniesel
December 27, 2020

What a year 2020 has been. This year has stretched, challenged, and caused us to tackle things we have never had to before. It’s funny how we pray for God to change us but forget that change usually happens when we are challenged. 


The Feeding of the 4000 (Mark 8:1-21) 

  • Jesus does an incredible miracle and immediately following this, the disciples and Him get into the boat to head to another place. 
  • “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod”– This confused the disciples. Jesus was referencing that even a little yeast (unbelief, pride, sin) can ruin someone’s life. 
  • Jesus references both the feeding of the 5000 (which happened earlier) and the feeding of the 4000. A truth to remind us that if He did it once He can do it again. 
  • Jesus asked a probing question: “Don’t you remember?”(vs.18) 
  • At the end of this year what you need to do is remember what God has brought you through. You need to remember the things He has done. Your history acts as leverage. 


Don’t you remember? 


The Feeding of the 5000 and the Feeding of the 4000 

(Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 8:1-13) 

  • Both times Jesus was aware of the physical need of the people. They needed food. Their problem became a problem for Jesus.
  • No matter what you are facing remember that your problem becomes a problem for Jesus because He cares.
  • In both miracles the catalyst was compassion. (Matt 9:36; Mark 8:2)Jesus illustrated that compassion always acts.  It’s turning sorry into service.  Compassion is when care and action collide. 
  • In both instances, the disciples were asking the wrong questions. The byproduct of asking the wrong questions is worry. Worry robs our life. Jesus addressed worry. (Matthew 6:31-32) 


Better question: 

  • Jesus asked:How many loaves do you have? (Mark 8:5) 
  • Stop worrying and focusing on what you do not have. Focus on what you do have. On what is at your disposal. On what is in your hands. (Exodus 4:2)
  • This question didn’t lead to worry it led to work. They needed to take inventory. They looked until they found something. 
  • May you take inventory of what God has given you and what God has done in your life – remember. 
  • In both miracles fish were discovered as well as  Jesus didn’t ask about the fish. This implies that in the process of taking inventory, the disciples found something extra.   
  • When taking inventory (remembering) you discover what God has given you and what He has done in your life. You also discover something extra. 


Better result: 

  • After taking inventory the disciples brought what they found to Jesus. (Mark 8:6) Jesus blessed it and handed it back to the disciples. The miracle didn’t happen in His hands but through their hands. 
  • In our hands what we have will never be enough. In His hands, it will be more than enough. 


The disciples saw and experienced another amazing miracle. But in the moment, on the boat, they seemed to forget. Jesus had to remind them. Don’t you remember?


May you remember. 

He who did it before can do it again.  

(Hebrews 10:23; Romans 8:38-39)