Ladies Bible Study: "Book of Joshua" - Jenn

Date: September 28, 2022 – December 7, 2022
Wednesday Weekly
Time: 9:30am – 11:15am

“Strong and Courageous – The Life of Joshua”

As the leader of his people, Joshua took over the promised land, fulfilled God’s purpose for his life, and did it well. In this study, you will learn how to take over your own promised land, which is the specific purpose God has for you and your life.
You can fulfill your God-given purpose, and do it well, by following Joshua’s example. Joshua made mistakes just as we all do; he wasn’t perfect. God doesn’t expect perfection from you, either.
My prayer is that you will gain more faith, more confidence, and more boldness. I pray that you will dream big, that you will forgive others and yourself, and that your eyes will be opened to see that you have been appointed to be a leader.
I also pray you will learn to let God direct you and believe the dreams in your heart were placed there by Him. I know from personal experience that if you do these things, you will see miracles happen in your life.

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Jennifer Lee
Day and Time
Wednesday Morning
Terwillegar Campus