TFL: "When You Don't Like Your Story" - Gina

Date: September 21, 2022 – November 16, 2022
Wednesday Weekly

Time: 9:00am – 11:00am

This group is a part of our Wednesday morning Time for Ladies. This group is a part of our Wednesday morning Time for Ladies.
We have an open session to connect with all the other ladies at 9:00am, then we are dismissed to our separate groups at 9:30am.

When You Don’t Like Your Story – Sharon Jaynes

Many people don’t like the story God is writing in their lives.
The mistakes, failures, tragedies, and circumstances outside of our control linger in our minds and hold us back.
How do we come to grips with the pieces of our stories that we wish weren’t there?
How do we silence the pain of what has been done to us and the shame of what we’ve allowed to be done through us?

In When You Don’t Like Your Story, Bible teacher Sharon Jaynes shows us how God untangles our most painful emotions with the fingers of grace, putting his redemption on display. In the hardest parts of our narratives, we get to see God’s greatest work–and this changes the ending of our stories. As we overcome shame, offer forgiveness, and use our stories to help others, we find freedom from the past and learn to live in the restoration of the present. Sharon’s book also includes a Study Guide and Prayer Devotions in back.


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